Our team

Behind each bite you enjoy, there is a smiling team…

When you become our customer, nearly two hundred loyal employees start working for you. The Grocer’s Shop is made up of competent, rigorous and well-trained people, whatever their field of activity. The goal of every member of our team is to listen to you, serve you and respond to your every need. We are confident and proud of our products and that’s why we are so happy to serve you with a smile.

Our values

A vision shared by our entire team

Each member of our team proudly upholds the values of our company. We believe people deserve the best for their money and that’s why we want to offer them the highest quality possible. That is the driving principle behind our concept. In this era, everyone is constantly being solicited by marketing campaigns. With our approach, we wish to encourage intelligent shopping without waste. Also, by offering a true alternative to supermarkets and allowing our customers to save time, we defend the idea that time is precious and that moments spent with our loved ones are priceless. In our own way, we wish to contribute to the betterment of the quality of life of Ontarians by offering them excellent service and excellent products.

Our facilities

A pleasant working environment.

Our administrative offices are located in Ottawa and we provide our employees with a healthy and pleasant working environment. We believe this to be paramount and trust that it will result in better service for our customers.

The Grocer’s Shop
2190 B Thurston Dr.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 6E1