Savor the quality

With our home grocery service,
you will
discover why our meat
products are the best
on the market!

Never run out!

With our home grocery service,
you will
always have quality food
on hand.

Make your life simple!

No more shopping and waiting in lines with our home grocery service.

Nos viandes sont réputées pour être les meilleures sur le marché! Goûtez la qualité l'Épicier!

In only 3 easy steps...

We help you create a custom food plan

Our specialized food advisors help you identify your preferences, your food habits and needs.

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We take great care in preparing your order

Our clerks and butchers take their time to prepare all food items that you have chosen.

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We deliver everything at your home

Our people deliver to your home, with a smile, the items included in your food plan.

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A great variety of products

Whether you are more of a meat or a fish lover, our wide range of products is certain to satisfy you.  We offer high quality meat products, be it beef, chicken, pork, veal, lamb or fish and seafood. We also offer a wide selection of non-perishable food items to fill all your grocery needs. Discover Our Products
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The Grocer's Shop quality

Among the highest quality standards in North AmericaAt The Grocer's Shop, we meet the highest Canadian standards, and are HACCP certified. Our meats are of superior quality and are cut with precision by experienced butchers. Read more ...

Why use The Grocer's Shop’s home grocery services?

Our thousands of customers have found that there are many benefits.
Enhance your quality of life

By using our grocery services, you will avoid waiting in lines at the cash registers, you will never run out of anything, and you will save time.

A team at your service

Just like it does for our thousands of customers, our team works rigorously to offer you the best possible customer service.

The highest standards of quality

At The Grocer’s Shop, we offer high quality meats and fish, that’s a guarantee!

Delivery everywhere in Ontario

Our delivery service covers all of Ontario. We deliver your goods with courtesy and friendliness.

Custom made food plan

As food consuming specialists, we help you define your actual needs, according to your tastes and eating habits.

Top quality with the same budget

We are able to offer you high quality products for the same amount of money you give to your grocery store.

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